February 04, 2011


Aaron, age 8
Belgium (1993)

I am the diva on the right!! I came across this picture a couple months ago at my parents' house, flipping through photo albums. I saw it and laughed and laughed! It was so funny to me, because I've always known that I was "non-plain" and always had a flamboyant side to my nature. But I don't keep any pictures of me as a kid, so I never really had photographic evidence.

Looking back, I know that I was gay from the first breath I took - and my family must have known as well. One of my earliest memories is being outside playing with my older brother and neighborhood friends, and my brother became enraged at me and so he ran inside yelling and crying. The next thing I know my mother was on the porch, yelling for me to come inside!

What was my brother complaining about? That I was outside acting like a girl!
I remember being so confused, because I was only in the 1st grade and I was like 'What?!!? What am I doing wrong?' How do you tell a 6-year old child that they need to start acting more like a boy!? I never understood what that meant, as I was just being myself!

I remembering being in love with the women singers of the 90's. I wanted to be Coco from SWV or Dawn Robinson from En Vogue. I think that's where that pose came from. I mean, its pretty f*cking awesome for an 8-year old to be that in touch with the camera. Angle, light, pose, FACE!

I look at this picture and feel totally vindicated for all those years of being bullied, mistreated, and told I was wrong. Here I am, in my most natural untarnished state - being happy and gay as a lamb :-)

Aaron's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Scar Tissue Funky Divas Workin' It!: RuPaul's Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style The Bent Guide to Gay and Lesbian Amsterdam (Bent Guides)


Anonymous said...

I love your gay!!! Strike a pose!

-Tha AO

West Hollywood Voyeur said...

West Hollywood Voyeur is loving every post!!!

harish kumar said...

very funny. the photograph is too good.

Sessy said...

This is a great site. I was really scared when I first came out which wasn't so long ago. This site lets me see that I am not alone.

Doctor of Record said...

I am a heterosexual who finds your blog fascinating! This particular entry rings a bell for me. I have a 2 year old daughter who recently got a "baby" for her birthday. Oddly enough, I am uncomfortable with this. Are we pushing her into a way of being? In other words, girls have dolls, she's a girl, so are we telling her to "act like a girl"? I want my daughter to be whoever she may be (gay, not gay, housewife, football player) without her living under the weight of expectation and judgement. Keep up the good work! mortalityandfriends.blogspot.com

JesseArg! said...

no way. Anthony f'ing Kiedis !?!?


Fashion FyoozD Culture said...

Love it!!!!U showed them now who is the diva and always have been

An Observer Of Souls said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent. The phrase that touched my heart, "my most natural untarnished state"! Haleluja for being a child and in a natural untarnished state and wouldn't it be wonderful if we remember that state, whatever it may be, and remain "authentic" in adulthood.