February 05, 2011


Scott, age 6
Durban, South Africa (1991)

There are defining moments in all our lives where we accurately depict a stereotype. This was my day to bloom. My sister obviously caught my attention with her new garb, and that shade of pink still seems to have that effect on me.

"Being fabulous, naturally"
If you look at all the expressiveness on my face, you can tell there is a sense of enlightenment there, a kind of insight that can only be explained by biology.

From that moment, I knew who I wanted to be, what I wanted to wear, and who I wanted to be surrounded by.

Looking back, seeing my gob-smacked hysterical outburst, it’s clear to me who made being me, as easy as it was.

So to my sister: Cheers to every silent creatress camouflaged in pink.
Pretty in Pink (Everything's Duckie Edition) Greatest Hits... So Far!!! Pink Narcissus


dys·func·tion said...

This is an amazing blog! I completely agree with the message you are spreading, and I look forward to having the time to go back (I've only done three so far) and read all of the stories you have included.
Congrats on the Blog of Note!

Anonymous said...

the delight in your face brought a smile to mine. Thanks!

King Bishop said...

I find it interesting that supposedly open-minded homosexuals discriminate against hatred and homophobia when one could suggest that even these attributes are choices of action rather than genetic predispositions. However, I think this is a very nice blog. Great "feel-good" photos!

StrollingLifesPath said...

The picture is amazing! but the words are so much more than that. I went from smiling to crying as I read the dedication.

iva said...


Hugo said...

I am absolutely obssessed with this photo and with your expression! You were beyond adorable, Scott, thanks for posting! :)

Scott Ladoux said...

Thank you Hugo. I It was such a unique shot. Apparently my partents saw my face, ran and got a camera, came back and I still had that look on my face :) Ciao