March 11, 2011


Burl, age 5
Machesney Park, IL (1985)

My obsession with He-Man & The Masters of the Universe began at age 4.

My mother introduced me to She-Ra, and bought me a Crystal Castle playset for my 5th birthday - even though those toys were marketed towards girls.

Years later, she explained she knew I was gay at an early age, by quoting the appropriately titled Masters of the Universe episode, "The Rainbow Warrior" :

"A mother always knows her own son . . . I've always been very proud of you."

I am truly blessed to have a mother who has always loved and supported me.


Hi! I am LiLi! said...

Dear Burl! You are so blessed with a mother so loving as her. I have relatives who are mothers who refuse so see that being gay is not a lifestyle.

I am jealous of your Crystal Castle. I never had a toy like that.

Thinking Out Loud

Jay Six said...

You have the power! I am SO jealous - my parents got me some Princess of Power toys but never the Crystal Castle. LOVE the story.

E.V. said...

OMG I remember the Crystal Castle! My brother played with it while I used the microphone from Castle Greyskull!

Amy said...

Wow. Your mom was right on! I had tears in my eyes as I was reading this aloud to my husband.

AnimateTed said...

My mother did the same thing. When the woman at the ToysRUs checkout gave me a shady look, for having She-Ra, Glimmer, and Bow. My mother looked her right in the eye and said " it's He-Mans sister... Keep scanning!"

I'll never forget that!

Unknown said...

My parents bought me a she ra playset too! I think that's home I knew I was gay!