March 10, 2011

* & AOL News Videos *

Hey everyone!
This is just a fantastic feature! Much of my mission statement
the "BTW" blog is in the video, so I hope you enjoy it!

xo - Paul V.


Click below to see the feature with full text and other quotes.

On 3/10/11, AOL News posted this great video as well:

And I'd like to repeat this quote here, so it's clear to everyone:
"Stereotypes exist for a reason, because they are true on some level. As the gay community has every shade of masculine and feminine, the people on my blog are simply representing -- and owning -- all those various shades, but without the shame or guilt that society has assigned to those traits."


Prospero said...

Paul - I just discovered your blog the other day and immediately added it to the Blog Roll on my blog. I love the work you are doing and love the blog. Congratulations and keeping going, brother! We all need to support each other, 'cause lord knows there are more than enough people out there trying to knock us down.

KOSTAS PAP said...

The babies are born bisexual, and the way they live with their parents and especially the relationship with the mother gives them the way the are going to follow. The babies are not born only male or female and this is science. The rest are fiction.

B said...

Love, love, love this blog and am passing it on to others!!

Anonymous said...


Rebecca Reece said...

What a wonderful thing you're doing here... I'm not gay, but my best friend is. When I look back at junior high and high school, I realize what he was going through then, and even as early as 8-years-old. I'm going to send him a link to this; I know he'll be encouraged.
Thank you for what you're doing! What a tremendous blessing!

Jesse Archer said...

It's so upsetting to see homophobia, especially when perpetrated by other ("straight acting" - whatever that is) homosexuals, most often directed against sissy/feminine behavior. Stereotypes do exist, and yes - so do exceptions to stereotypes. thanks for this blog, and the quote.