March 22, 2011


Nino, age 6
Manila, Philippines (1992)

When I was a kid, my mom always loved to dress me up as a girl.
Maybe because I had no sisters then. Or maybe she saw it coming?

As you can see from the photos, I was never in an awkward moment. I look really happy and comfortable wearing those girly outfits. And my mom even snapped the photos. I guess she knew that I was different, and I'd appreciate these things someday. She was right, and it's a real treat seeing them as an adult.

I felt I was different from the other boys at school, but I didn't 'out' myself until
I was in college. I felt more comfortable with my sexuality, became happier, and knew that things are going to be better.

Moms always know best, so talk to your mom and your family. Ask them for their support. They'll be surprised at first, but they'll accept you for who you are.

Embrace the real you.
You'll find true happiness when you do.

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Yj said...

aaaaaaaay ate... powerful!

bet ko yang mga ganyang eksena... :))