March 16, 2011


Tony, age 3
Milton Keynes, UK (1994)

I grew up for 9 years of my life with mainly just my mum. She was always there for me, and supported me through everything. Thinking back, we supported each other. She then met my step-dad, whom she is now married to, and he's also a big supportive character for me.

I remember being picked up from school, and my mum used to ask me "Is something wrong, spud? You can tell me anything you want. I will always love you." And I used to think, "Yes, there is."

But I never knew quite how to say it, even with knowing how supportive she would be of me. But she always knew, as mum's always know!

I remember wearing a thin sheet, and walking down our stairs pretending it was a dress. Funnily enough, the sheet had rainbow stripes.

Around 13, I remember feeling uncomfortable being in the boys' changing rooms at school. And I found myself looking at other guys.

It was hard and confusing as to why I was doing this. It used to make me angry, as I didn't have anyone to tell.

My best friend Hayley was the first I told, and she was so so supportive, and helped me a lot. I needed that, as I was bullied every day of my schooling period.

I eventually came out to my mum and step-dad around age 14, and I couldn't have asked for more support. I expected it from my mum, but wasn't sure about my step dad. They both love me, and that is all that matters.

I can't give advice to people who are gay who need to tell parents, as it depends on the parent. However, I do believe if you have a close friend, they are the easiest to tell. And doing that takes a HUGE weight off your shoulders, in order to help deal with it yourself.

My first famous crush had to be -- any man with his shirt off, I think!
My musings and other memoirs of a gay guy can be found here.

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