March 18, 2011


Kris, age 8
Farmington, NY (1980)

Picture it: It's 1980, and I'm 8. The hip was cocked, torso slightly turned, hands out, and streamers attached. The boy was ready to show the world his baton!!!

A lot of water has crossed under the bridge. A lot of baggage has been carried. And as I near the age of 40, I'm finally starting to feel some relief.

Success is not measured by what you posses, but rather by what you have thrown away as no longer needed.

I look at this pic and see so much innocence, just being me.

I reflect on all the years after this picture was taken, and can say it wasn't long after that the innocence was stripped away. 

Other boys were normal. Other families were happy. But I was tossed aside. Where is that smiling baton boy?

Today, I have a choice. A choice to say that they can't hurt me anymore.
Today, I'm free! Today, I smile again.

For the youth of today and tomorrow:
Hold on tight and NEVER let go. Never forget that you will smile again, too.


Atlanta Gal said...

Kris, This is the cutest picture and totally reminds me of you! Cute then and cute now. :) Love you dearly.

-Your Chicago friend, Nicole

Katie said...

Kris-t :) I can totally see you doing that move. Miss you darlingest kitty. Wish you were closer, miss laughing/smiling with you, but at least this picture made me smile...ear to ear.

Miss you bunches!