March 21, 2011


Heather, age 1
Guam, USA (1986)

I never fit in with girls or boys growing up. I would be the girl in a pretty dress playing with bugs, or the girl playing house and convincing my friends that we could be wives. It was all innocent, but it felt right.

I first learned that openly admiring girls was "wrong" when I was 4, and saw an episode of "Beverly Hills 90210." It was a beach scene, with girls in bikinis.

Several times, I mentioned how pretty the girls were, and my aunt told my mom I was going to be gay. Oh, me and my mouth.

I'll never forget the looks I got at 11, when I swore if I were a boy, Rose from "The Titanic" would by my "honey." Oops.

My taste in ladies has since evolved to include the likes of Eva Mendes and Mila Kunis. My old flavor for rich ginger, bad 90's hair is best left to your imagination.

My awkward teen years saw me pretending to have boy crushes, and faking my love for N’SYNC. I mean, I admit that I liked Prince William, but I was all for becoming a princess. Thank goodness Kate Middleton beat me to the punch - but darn him for beating me to her!

As for the baby in this photo, she's now a successful, heel-wearing 25-year old "lipstick" lesbian. My parents, who disowned me when I came out 3 years ago, have missed out on a lot. But I wouldn't go back into the closet for ANYTHING. After all, how would all my shoes and purses fit, with me in there too?

Even if your story ends up like mine, I hope you have the courage and strength to carry on. You will find amazing things are waiting for you, if you hold on. Even if it's hard at first, it really does get better.

No one can help who they are. But we can help how we treat others.
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Anonymous said...

Good job! speaking as at least one of your gay aunts I wouldn't let you go back in the closet anyway!