March 28, 2011


Rick, age 4
North Hollywood, CA (1967)

A couple months ago, I was rummaging through old photo albums at my father's house, and my heart stopped when I saw this pic of me as a small child. It really took my breath away, because it confirmed for me just how early in my life, that my path was set. I was not to be like other boys. Thank God!

I don't remember this picture being taken. But I do remember in the years after this, feeling different and isolated. Like during 1st grade, when I had a mad crush on a 5th grade boy.

I seemed to attract other effeminate boys as friends at school. I was always being taunted, beat up, chased, and teased all through school.

My mother finally allowed me to switch to a small church school mid-year in 8th grade, because I was so miserable at my public school.

It was during high school that I realized what was different about me. I knew I was gay, and it scared the hell out of me.

But how could I be gay? I was raised a Baptist???

Things began to fall into place in my life in my early 20's. I met John, my partner of 24 years, in 1987. We have a wonderful life together, and I have a wonderful and supportive family.

"Born This Way Blog" gives me such a strong feeling of belonging. What a great way to show young "different" people just how many of us have paths to follow that seem so different - yet are actually so alike.

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