March 20, 2011


Isaac, age 4
Lodi, Wisconsin (1994)

This is a picture of me dressing up in the pre-school that I attended. It was actually published in the local paper, for a feature story about the pre-school.

I loved to put on that tutu and dance around the play area, and pretend to be a princess. I loved making the other students play princess with me, especially the boys.

I used to crank up some Amy Grant, Madonna, or Whitney Houston and dance into my own little world.

Looking back at this picture as an adult, I regret how long I tried to pretend to be a "normal" heterosexual male. When it was so obvious to me, that I wasn't.

I know it can be hard when you are raised in a conservative family and town, like I was.

But being out and proud is one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt.
It far out-weighs all the prejudice and hate that was directed at me.

So, my dearies: Be you a child, adolescent, or adult who is dealing with your identity, here is my advice: Don't doubt the feelings you are experiencing.

Embrace that you are different. And don't let your parents, community members, or friends make you into something you aren't - just because they might be uncomfortable with it.
My Princess BoyChallenging Homophobia: Teaching about Sexual DiversityYoung, Gay, and Proud!: Fourth Edition (An AlyCat Title)


Library Lynn said...


How exciting to see a neighbor here! I am a school librarian in Sauk Prairie, and I'm looking at the blog with one of my students. We LOVE the photos. :)

Good to see someone close here! We do know what it is like in the wilds of Wisconsin for gay kids, so thanks for being who you are!


thewacher said...

glad i found this blog with others in wisc. farm life was great i had lots of great times on the farm.
you are so cute in the photo.
take care of yourself.