January 15, 2011


Mason, age 2
San Francisco, California (1990)

I don't remember much of myself at age 2 - but apparently I was rougher than most boys, and yet I was still very prissy.

My favorite color was red and I adored Mickey Mouse.

I was also fond of bowties and frequently attempted to take off my shirt at the beach.

I came out as Bi around age 12, and later changed this to lesbian in my early 20's.

I currently identify myself as a Bi-Gendered Queer and I use the name Paulina.

It's just so telling: You can see a real boyish playfulness, but there's an underlying bit of gay. I mean, a limp wrist at age 2 - really?!

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coulrophobic agnostic said...

The limp wrist slays me. Too adorable!