January 19, 2011


Adam, age 4
Sunbury, Victoria, Australia (1985)

"Smiling assassin"

As a kid I was always up for trying to get a laugh out of people. Although I could be quite shy at times around new people, amongst family and friends - I was the joker!

My sister Justine (pictured here) and I would often play together, be it Barbies on a Saturday morning (Ken who?) or as you can see from this picture - dress ups!

I was never aware of being "gay" but perhaps felt different soon after starting Primary School. I was much more thoughtful and caring than any of the others boys in the class, and was immediately drawn to making friends with the girls.

When I was only 8, I wrote in my journal to the teacher 'I love your blue dress today. That color really suits you'. Mum would pick me up from school when it was sports day and we'd go out for lunch.

I never really thought anything about that until recently, but I much rather enjoyed a nice lunch out with Mum than competing for a little ribbon with the other boys!

I just love this picture! My sister's smirk says it all! No doubt everyone was having a laugh, so that's why I have a smile on my face, too!

Adam's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement")
I think it was a mix of the tan and the hair!

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Anonymous said...

That's not a smirk; it's quite a pleasant smile!