January 13, 2011


Andrew, age 9
Atlanta, GA (1989)

This was taken at a 4th of July celebration we always had in the neighborhood. It was a day-long event, but my favorite part was the bike decorating contest.

"I especially love my 'Royal Wave'"

This wasn't a very good example of my skills, but I think this was after most of my decorations had fallen off after the parade. I especially love my 'Royal Wave' that I probably had been practicing for the parade.

I think I always knew I was different, and luckily I had parents who let me be myself, and never discouraged me or made me feel bad about anything I did.

This picture was one that was included in a series that my mom scanned as part of my 30th birthday last year - many of which could have been included in the Born This Way blog as well. This was the sassiest, so I chose it.

If you had shown this picture to my friends in high school I would have been mortified. Now I look back on it with fond memories and a sense of humor.

Oh, and about the matching shorts and shirt in the photo?
I'm not sure if I'm gay, or just a resident of Boca Raton! But you get the idea...

Andrew's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Christoper Reeve (in "Superman - The Movie")


Anonymous said...

I would say you were very hip to the times with that tropical outfit. Those were the days of Jimmy Buffett, Miami Vice, and Magnum P.I. But instead of a Ferrari, you had your bicycle... ;-)

Stacey said...

So far this is my favorite picture!

Kathryn Thomas said...

"I'm not sure if I'm gay or just a resident of Boca Raton in this photo": yes. Hilarious.

Cheryl Hammock said...

I am so proud of your royal wave. :)