January 17, 2011


Bill, age 5
Ft. Worth, TX (1973)
I was the sensitive kid growing up, with lots of girl friends. I always identified with the girls, and I always wanted to play with their Barbies - or play the mom, or the nurse, or Wonder Woman.

Looking at this picture I now understand why, when I did come out at 26 to my grandmother,
she told me 'Oh baby. I have known that since you were 7. I've just been waiting for you to tell me'.

And thinking back on this time, I wish that I had grown up in an era, such as today, where it is not as big a deal to be gay.

Makes me wonder what I could have become.

Bill's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker, "Star Wars")
My parents took me to see "Star Wars' for my birthday one year,
and I was just over the moon for Luke Skywalker


Anonymous said...

You can still become whatever you want, Bill. You were an adorable little kid!

C.W. Henson said...

Yes, the world's still changing, maybe you aren't done becoming :)