Eddie, age 8
Fontana, CA (1987)

For my First Communion, all the boys were instructed to be dressed in black & white suits, and all of the girls were to be dressed in little white dresses with lace veils. By this age I knew I was gay, and most definitely was drawn to the art of self expression. I told my dad that what they wanted me to wear was 'Boring, lacking uniqueness, and not very colorful.' After he toned down my original ideas, I compromised with an acceptable suit for the special day. Here I am in it with the priests - and a big proud smile as an accessory.

"My First Communion"
According to my family, my gay qualities were very apparent from a young age. I was lucky enough to be raised by two gay dads, and it just so happens I'm gay too.

My dad used to tell me about dinner parties they would have. He said when I was around 4, I cascaded down our staircase one night with a towel wrapped on my head, as if wearing a "big hair" wig.

I went to each of my dad's dinner guests to give them a kiss goodnight on the cheek and make my final goodbyes, as it was my bedtime.

After I went back upstairs, everybody looked at my dad with shock and asked him, 'What in the world are you teaching him?'

Of course, my dad spent the rest of my childhood laughing and explaining that all of my "grandiose" ways, were most certainly self-taught.

On the day of this pic, not only did I receive my first communion (which I was very excited for), but I also realized I could be a little different without much of a hassle from others. Either nobody cared - or my pride blinded the care they had. That day very much was a part of the puzzle which makes me who I am today.

If only I could share the VHS tape I have of that day. My dads had a party for me and my Uncle Steve and Aunt Mendi were there with their new video camera - and boy did I put on a show for that camera!

I started off by doing my infamous Dolly Parton impersonation, moving on to a "western" improv play with friends. I played a busty saloon owner who gets held up and robbed by a group of traveling outlaw cowboys who just rode into town. And yes, I was only 8 years old.  

Today I'm a proud gay man, with a very loving partner.
And I'm proud to say, 'I was born this way!'