January 17, 2011


Brendan, age 9
Long Island, NY (1979)

Growing up the youngest of 7 children, there was a sense that I could do no wrong. Since my parents had been through it all with the other 6 kids, by the time they got to  raising me, I could be whatever and whoever I wanted to be with much support - and no judgements.

"Liza with a Z!"
Which is clearly obvious in this picture of one of my brothers graduating from college.

This picture represents only a small portion of the family members present at the time.

But there I am in the center of the action, side-beveling and giving face and preparing for some kickline like the little Liza Minnelli I was.

I love this picture because I look so unabashedly happy and completely unselfconscious.

Am I like this today? At times, absolutely yes. Which is a nice thing to be able to say.

I always knew I was distinctly different from everyone around me, and my parents made me feel special and loved through it all. When I came out to my parents when I graduated from college, it was no different.

I am a lucky man, indeed.

Brendan's first, famous person same sex crush:
Doug McKeon ("On Golden Pond")

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