January 17, 2011


Lee, age 7
Chattanooga, Tennessee (1985)

Here, I'm most likely dressed for my school promotion from one grade to another. I was probably asked to stand in front of the fireplace and "have my picture taken."

The real story of this picture is a story about my mother. I fell in love with this blog upon first read, and I immediately wanted to be part of it.

I emailed my mom to ask her if there were any pictures of me she could remember that would fit the bill. She sent 4-5 choices, and it was hard to choose just one.

There's something quite rare and wonderful about a mom who understands this request, encourages my excitement, and celebrates the little boy in white socks and shorts.

So, when I look at this picture, I don't remember the moment, or how I felt at the time. I just feel grateful for everything now.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad she celebrated you then so we can celebrate you now.

Anonymous said...

You are adorable! Yay for you and your mom. :)

margaret said...

I remember this little boy!

Kay said...

I knew the minute you wrapped that hot pink feather boa around your neck in T.J.Maxx, looking like you were in heaven (at the early age of three or so ) that you were definitely going to march to a different drummer.

I loved you then....still love you now.

You have an amazing life. We all should be so lucky!

Anonymous said...

i just found this blog today. i emailed my mom and asked her if she still had that picture of me when i was about 4 years old and had the mumps. i was sitting on the couch and had on her sarah coventry costume jeweled bracelet. her response was "why do you want it.". oy. some things never change.

Anonymous said...

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