Logan, age 3
York, Nebraska (1982)

I was very similar to how I am now as a kid - notoriously attention-seeking, sensitive, and into bright shiny things. I had pizazz and stuff. My other pic I submitted is me as the only boy, with a bunch of girls in dance class, thus:

"Deep breaths, Bert. You can take it, gurrrrrl."
I remember feeling like it was unfair that I didn't get to have a feather with my dance class outfit just because I was a boy - the ONLY boy in town who wanted to dance and be "girlie".

I also used to wear my pajama bottoms on my head and pretend it was long, luxurious hair, so...
I'm guessing these feelings all originated from the same place.

As far as the Bert fisting pic is concerned, I don't really remember. Must have been the poppers...

The other kids started actively making fun of me for being a "girl" or "gay" when I was 4 or 5.
I started catching on shortly after.

I'm proud of this kid for being himself, even when his parents didn't want him to dance and the other kids were torturing him. Dude just wanted to wear spandex and sequins and, moreover, DID.

Editor's Note:
Logan Lynn is an Out Musician & LGBTQ Activist
Check him out: LoganLynnMusic.com