January 18, 2011

Brian & Kevin

Brian & Kevin, age 4
Las Vegas, Nevada (1979)

In our pic, Kevin is on the left, and I'm on the right. We're twins. Perhaps this memory has been repressed for the past few decades, but it wasn’t until seeing this picture framed in my parent’s house a few months ago, that I realized BOTH me and my twin were fond of dressing up in women’s clothes as children.

You see, my brother Kevin has always tended more towards the effeminate side (even to this day) and it was no surprise to anyone that he was gay. With the exception of a few awkward teen years, he never really tried to hide it. He has always loved the theater, the drama, and the sequins.

I, however, was a totally different story. And was a total closet-case until about 10 years ago. I thought I did a better job keeping a lid on it, but obviously, this picture tells a much different tale - what with that fabulous pink hat and flowing scarf!

I knew I was different from the earliest of ages – even before I knew what “gay” or “straight” meant. I remember being more curious about boys than girls, but seeing how effeminate my twin brother was and the ridicule that he endured on a daily basis sent a message to me that there was definitely something wrong with whatever “that” was.

I played it straight for years and thought that I could somehow ignore the fact that deep down, I knew I was gay. And it wasn’t until my mid-20's that I finally had to courage to live my OWN life, instead of the life that others thought was “normal” - and I truly could not be any happier today.

My husbear and I have been together for over 9 years (married for 2) and it all just feels right to me. Finally.

And no, I don’t have the slightest inclination to wear women’s clothes today. But I truly loved finding this picture of me and my brother, documenting our queer youth. We are both fortunate to have a loving, supportive family who couldn’t care less about our orientation, just as long as we are happy. 

Editor's Note:
Brian & Kevin are our first gay, fraternal twins!
I'm no scientist, but - I think we just isolated TWO gay genes? :)

Brian's first, famous-person same sex crushes:
Ricky Schroeder ("Silver Spoons") & The Marlboro Man

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Jesper said...

My partner is an identical twin and his story reminds me of yours. His gay twin brother came out in his teens and it was no surprise to anybody. My partner also played it straight until his late 20's and finally came out and started living the way he was born and meant to live...which is my luck, because he is the most beautiful man (in every way) I have ever met and I love him with everything in me :-)

Paul K said...

I have known two sets of gay twins, one identical pair (and I "knew" both of them, but not together!) and one fraternal. I also have a friend who has four brothers - all five siblings are gay!

Brian said...

I love this blog -- my friend showed it to me a few weeks ago and I'm mesmerized! The stories of queer youth are fascinating to me, and the pics are just terrific.

One correction to the above editor's note, though -- my brother Kevin and I are fraternal, not identical. If you saw us both today, you probably wouldn't even guess that we're related.

Cheers to a fantastic blog concept!


Bill said...

Yep...that's my husband, Brian, (on the right) and his brother, Kevin. I couldn't be more proud of him. I met Brian when he was 26, and still VERY MUCH in the closet. We instantly fell in love and he quickly, and bravely, began to come out to his friends and family...all of whom accepted him and were happy for him. Some were surprised, and some said that they always knew something was missing within him. He is an amazing and wonderful husband, and a truly beautiful human being. I am sooo happy that Brian's mother found this picture to show me so that we could share it with our friends (and now everyone!)

Anonymous said...

I am an identical lesbian twin. We were butch/femme from birth. She was alway the tomboy and I was the barbie girl.
She came out first but I was right behind her.
Debra T.