January 12, 2011


Colby Brumit, age 9
Door County, WI (1988)

Here I am on vacation with my family feigning a round of golf.

After teeing off and hitting the ball all of three feet, we would just pick it up and drive to the next hole.
I had no interest in it - besides being able to drive the cart.

While I am hamming it up for this photograph, having a hand placed sassily somewhere near my hip was a pose that had been well-practiced at this point in my life.

All that summer we listened to George Michael's Faith album on cassette endlessly, and I was mesmerized by how cool it was.

Looking at it now, I feel so, so lucky that my parents let me fruit out as much as I wanted to.

Colby's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Joey McIntyre (New Kids On The Block)


Maggy said...

I am so grateful that you parents gave you that gift as well. Bless them.

MmeHuppert said...

This looks like the golf course at Peninsula State park. What a superb picture! How lovely that your parents loved you, all of you, just as you are! What parent wouldn't love the darling kid in this picture?

E.l.M. said...

Utter JOY!
What parent could NOT Love you?

Brandy said...

I agree! What parent could not love you?! :) I love you! Hehe! :)

Anonymous said...

I have just seen you and even I love this kid