January 12, 2011


Nicholas, age 4
Vancouver Island (1985)

This is a picture of me with my pre-school class.

Please note that I am holding on to Kimberly (my Cabbage Patch Doll),
as well as one of My Little Ponies.

I guess you could say I stood out at a young age and always felt a bit different

Ha ha!

Nicholas' first, famous-person same sex crushes:
He-Man and Hercules (the cartoon versions)

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Mou said...

I too, since were born, felt a bit different that everybody else..
maybe becoz we are cow! (1985 is cow year in chinese culture), I'm 1985 kid bt not chinese ..

I was quite more mature than everybody else..

if I started talking about why you were not born gay, you will give me your back as in walking away! so i'll stop here :)

Unknown said...

I still remember my little pony :)