January 18, 2011


Jason, age 4
Laurel, Missouri (1979)

All I wanted Santa to bring me for Christmas was an Incredible Hulk doll and a Wonder Woman costume. I wasn't aware Wonder Woman's ensemble had a version with pants - but Santa apparently took pains to find it.

I wish I had the photo of my dad sitting on the couch opposite me, as he had this really concerned look, complete with a grimace. He and mom obviously loved me though, as there are many more incriminating photos of me. This one is way more flattering than the one of me in a long yellow scarf and cowboy boots.

Ten or more years ago, I'd cringe at this pic. But now all I can think of is,
'Wow -- I'm pretty dang lucky to have my mom and dad.'

I've pretty much always known I was different than all the other kids at school and church, even before I ever knew what gay was. I mean, outside of The Flintstones' 'we'll have a gay ole time' reference.

I wrestled with my sexual identity and denied it for years, up until some straight friends bought me a lap dance in my 20's, and all I could think of was:
'Lord, I hope that stripper's body oil doesn't clog my pores.'

That's when I knew.

Jason's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Christopher Reeves ("Superman II")
Ricky Schroeder ("Silver Spoons")
Both figured prominently in my fantasies -- and usually simultaneously

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Anonymous said...

Your pic made me cry, totally out of happiness. As a kid, I too wanted to be Wonder Woman. My mom used to help me cut out a headband and cuffs from yellow paper, and we'd use crayons to add the red stars. I'm going to go thank her now.

Kathryn Thomas said...

I think your lap dance is my favourite Born This Way story.