January 13, 2011


Joey, age 10
Hawaii (1982)

I think this outfit was (obviously) meant for my sister, but I was totally jealous and immediately put it on.

I knew I was attracted to men the first time I laid my eyes on Grizzly Adams. I wanted nothing more to run away and live in the forest with him.

My parents always encouraged this - whether it was me running around the neighborhood in my mom's pink bathrobe or playing with my sister's dolls, it just wasn't ever an issue with them.

I feel so lucky

Joey's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Dan Haggerty ("Grizzly Adams")


Cara said...

Joey, you and your parents ROCK! You ARE very lucky to have such loving, tolerant parents. Much love to you!

Jeremy P. Shaw said...

Amen! Right on, Joey! Go brother! God bless you and your parents! You are all awesome! The world seriously needs more supportive; nurturing parents like yours! Peace and <3 my rainbow brother! More power to you!