January 13, 2011


Adam, age 3
Minneapolis, Minnesota (1987) 

I was obviously very young here, but I remember being a total clown and goof when I was little.

I still am.

But I clearly had a penchant for pulling together a look.

The layers, the shades of blue, the textures and pattern. With a little bit of undershirt coming through, just like Dad.

This picture makes me realize I'm basically the same person today that I was back then. I still smile uncontrollably, and I'm still a cornball who makes a fool of himself to get a laugh.

And at 6' 2" and a bean-pole, I probably weigh the same as I did in this picture: Chubs!

Adam's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Bill Murray (in "Ghostbusters")

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Anonymous said...

I just love that adams first crush was bill murray in ghostbusters!!!

Anonymous said...

You should send this to Modern Family and ask them to use it as a baby picture of Cam. It's perfect for his expression and your little gay self could be famous. :)

Mark Pritchard said...


Cara said...

I love that you have never changed who you are...and you are BEAUTIFUL! Keep hammin' it up!

Brighid's House O' Masks said...

This is absolutely adorable! Like, pinch-your-cheeks adorable. Such a cute kid.

Seeing_I said...

What a cute kid! From your description I must say I am likely to find your current self rather adorable too. And Bill Murray? Respect!

Anonymous said...

Bill Murray!?! lol!!
You're adorable.

E.l.M. said...

This is a great chance to get a word in to maybe include then and now pics.
I clowned my whole life - now I see, to make sure others wouldn't look too far inside and see what I was hiding.

Anonymous said...

omg, you are too precious...

Kathryn Thomas said...

Forget it - way too cute. I want to stick you in a sandwich and eat you.