January 18, 2011


John, age 5
Argyle, NY (1993)

This photo was taken in the living room of our house in Argyle, a small village of about 300 people.

To give you an idea of what life was like, the biggest conflict to strike the town was a debate over how many farm animals a person could have, per acre, within the village limits.

Shortly after this picture was taken we moved to a larger city. And then I moved to New York City for college, where I came out and really came into my own.

Looking back, I don't remember feeling different or special in any way. I was lucky to grow up in a family where eccentricity was encouraged, and being "normal" was boring. I was allowed to be myself without my parents judging me.

And looking at this photo, I don't see a flaming little boy ready to burst out of the closet.

I see myself, being what I continue to be to this day: unnapologetically me.

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RWG said...

Greetings from Greenwich! Argyle hasn't changed much, you'll be happy to know.