January 18, 2011


Kevin, age 4
Decatur, Illinois (1958)

I had been "helping" my Mom in the kitchen, and there were a couple of oranges handy, so I slipped them under my T-shirt just goofin' around. In the background is a photo of me in a more typical '50's cowboy getup.

I'm as gay as a goose but I've done drag only twice, on Halloween, so this moment wasn't a precursor of anything but my basic outlook on life - have fun, and don't take yourself too seriously.

I think I first figured out I might be attracted to other boys around 5th grade or so, but I distinctly remember early TV crushes on Wally (Beaver's brother) and Robby ("My 3 Sons").

They were so cute. I liked older boys, to be sure.
But later in life my pattern got more erratic. :)

Kevin's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Tony Dow (Wally on "Leave It To Beaver")

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