January 17, 2011


Kevin, age 7
Hamden, Connecticut (1971)

This is me and my Charlie McCarthy doll. I think this picture explains it all.
I LOVED this doll. Most dolls actually. I loved playing with my sisters Barbie dolls. My other favorite doll was my Mattel Big Jim doll. He was smaller than G.I. Joe or Ken, but much more muscular and handsome. He also had a fiend named Big Josh. I would let them sleep together in the Big Jim camper.

I never felt any different as a child, but looking back on old family photos, it was quite obvious, who the gay child was. It want until I was much older and got to know my family better that I learned how much my parents struggled with it.

They never treated me any differently than my brothers or sisters (or at least I did not feel that I was treated differently), but they did struggle with it.

Kevin's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Lee Majors ("The Six Million Dollar Man")
He was so masculine and manly. I always felt a little different "down there"
when I would watch that show as a child.


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Taffy said...

I love you and this post! We have always raised our girls to know that gay or straight, they have our unconditional love...

Walt said...


Patricia Bee said...

The biggest gift our Mother ever gave to our family was you; Inspired, creative, talented, theatrical, endearing and quite the Ventriloquist!!! Viva la difference!!!!