January 13, 2011


Matthew, age 4
Klamath Falls, OR (1986)

I first felt different around age 11 or 12. I started to develop crushes on boys in my class, and not the girls.

I remember being an incredibly happy and outgoing kid in my strict conservative military family.

Even within our military family,
I was able to express my wishes to play with both GI Joe and Barbie.

I think this dichotomy is evident here, where I'm posing in my grandmother's multi animal-print high heels and wearing Mr. T pajamas.

I remember loving those shoes, and a particular red dress of my Grandmother's.
I would idolize her as my own Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan).

That same dichotomy exists today in my life; I like to go camping and change my oil - and like to build things with my hands while lip-synching to Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

I absolutely adore this picture, because it really illustrates for me how comfortable I have always been in my own skin. And, how supportive my family has been my entire life, in letting me express who I am.

Matthew's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Johnathan Taylor Thomas (on "Home Improvement")
I loved his hair! I was so jealous of how flat and straight it was.


Myeshia said...

I loooooved me some JTT!!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

And this is why we all love you Matt

Anonymous said...

Grew up until age 9 in K Falls myself, with older siblings who experienced the middle schools and high schools. It could be a really tough place to be yourself.

heatherfly said...

Also are you clutching a golden apple? The symbol for chaos? Fabulous.

tiffany said...

I adore you Matthew... I have since I met you, but this picture is so ADORABLE I can't cope!!!

Unknown said...

Oh my God! Jonathan Taylor Thomas was MY first same-sex crush :) <3

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm with you, bro: i had a thing for JTT, too! For me: not just the hair but that adorable face! Love the pic and the story! xox <3

Heather said...

My 17 month old son insists on wearing my heels and walking around the house in them as best he can at least once a week. As long as he is happy and safe, I don't care if he's gay or straight.

Unknown said...

Love the apple! All around good picture.