January 15, 2011


Neal, age 8
Smyrna, GA (1979)

When I was a kid I stayed at my Grandparent's house during the summers so my Mom wasn't paying for day care. Contrary to what this photo may lead you to believe. I was actually a fairly normal little boy.

When I wasn't reading age-inappropriate romance novels, I was out in the garage setting fire to bugs with my grandfather's blowtorch. But then I'd go play Barbies with their neighbor's daughter - so make of that what you will.

"In a second, MawMaw - this is a sexy part."
I didn't really realize that this wasn't "normal" until around the 5th grade, when I figured out that I liked the way one of my classmates looked in his Toughskin jeans. "Buck Rogers" premiered around this same time and I remember liking Gil Gerard's tight white spacesuit a lot, too.

I dressed as Buck for Halloween a year or two later - wearing my mother's white go-go boots. Maybe that photo would have been a better submission now that I think about it!

I love this pic. Not only does it convey what an avid reader I've always been, it is also proof that my Mother used to cut my hair using a mixing bowl as a guide. Ah, the 70's.

I still read these horrible tacky books now and then to this day. They are great fun and the help lift my spirits when I start thinking that I'll never be published myself. If that crap got published, surely my crap can be published too!

Neal's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Gil Gerard ("Buck Rogers In The 25th Century")

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coulrophobic agnostic said...

Oh man, I would kill to see the Buck Rogers costume...it sounds hilarious.