Patrick, age 6
Detroit, MI (1993)

From the jump there were plenty of "pink flags" that clued in that I was gay. I was an extremely naive, gentle, sensitive soul that HATED anything associated with masculinity - but not by choice of course (LOL!)

I was more interested in music, dancing and sarcasm. ;) I remember playing house with my next door neighbor very frequently (as early as 3) and ALWAYS being the wife.

Also, my very first same-sex kiss was at age 13 with another neighbor boy, and that's when I was sure that I was - as they say - "strictly dickly".

I cried a hell of a lot before this pic could be taken.

It's funny to think that now I have a penchant for theatrics in photos.

I'm fond of this picture, but not because of the fugly sweater I'm wearing. Rather, I'm fond that despite how much I bawled beforehand (it was bad), how amazing a picture it turned out to be.