Steven, age 5
Houston, TX (1992)

This is me back in 1992 at my first picture day, and first time ever being on a horse. I was really excited then underwhelmed that the horse never moved. Looking back, the darn thing looks stuffed. Something not shown here, but is the other 50% to this memory, is when we were waiting in line for our turns: I was picking buttercups that were around me until I had a little bouquet.

"Everything is bigger - and gayer -  in Texas"
I remember feeling different as a boy, but never realized I was gay until a decade or so later when I started having crushes on classmates. I loved my mom doing my hair as a boy, blow drying and hair spraying it big and poofy. Being the most primped and prim boy around.

The very first 'different' thought I know of having was wanting the new Little Mermaid Barbie instead of action figures. Being blessed with accepting and loving parents (who I'm sure knew well before I did), they bought me that doll around the time this picture was taken.

This is my favorite picture of me.
It shows me exactly as I was, long before I ever knew.