January 17, 2011


Eric, age 4
Voorhees, New Jersey (1991)

"It's never too late
to spend a night at the opera!"
Here I am, looking fabulous during the summer of 1991 after just turning 4.

I always loved to play dress up and had the biggest and best costume box on the block. 

I was quite an odd kid and spent the early part of my childhood in Bermuda, before moving to the United States to grow up. Maybe it was the Britishness of the people around me or the Bermuda shorts with knee-high socks, but from an early age - I felt fabulous.

I always performed the most elaborate basement musicals for my family and friends and threw the nastiest diva tantrums. 

Looking back on this picture as an adult, I'm proud I expressed myself this way at such an early age; although I do wish I'd taken that Band-Aid off (beauty is pain).

Eric's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement")
I'd white-wash the fence with him any day

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