January 13, 2011


Tommy, age 5
Ballston Spa, NY (1969)

I love this photo. I had no idea I was supposed to feel like something was "wrong with me" yet. The blue feather says it all.

I was about 5 years-old and I never went anywhere with out it. I felt I was more like a girl than a boy from about this age, until I hit puberty when my feelings were verified. Then I was sure I was doomed.

I didn't tell a soul until I came out at 22. Thank God times have changed!

Tommy's first, famous-person same sex crushes:
Robbie Benson & Scott Baio
Ode to Billy Joe [VHS] SCOTT BAIO 8X10 PHOTO Gay Deceivers Tektrum 23" White Feather Color Changing Fiber Optic Lights Tree With Pink LEDs For Christmas/Holiday/Party


Anonymous said...

Totally fabulous. Nothing in the world is wrong with you Tommy. Thank you for sharing this!

Rockssugar said...

I hope you still carry a blue feather with PRIDE! You are wonderful!

Quinn said...

Nothing can compare with a smile that is completely unaware of judgement. You look comfortable in your own skin. Hope we can all strive to keep that sense of self alive as we get older. You look great!!

Anonymous said...

Is that feather clean?

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you and love you little brother. LL

E.l.M. said...

Great shot; VERY HANDSOME, fabulous feather!
I didn't tell a soul I knew before, until 50. Came out at 34 - leaving all I knew before.
Glad you were true to yourself by 22.

Anonymous said...

interestingly enough, in the SCA, which is a historical reenactment group i'm in, the blue feather is an unspoken symbol of LGBT people and those who support and love them.