February 04, 2011


Joshua, age 6
Greenville, SC (1987)

This photo was taken at my first violin recital, where I played "Hot Cross Buns".
I remember my parents calling my violin teacher my "coach" (who's pictured), probably so I felt like I had something in common with the other boys in school!

Around the time of this pic, my Dad and I were at a Braves game in Atlanta. We went to the restroom, and instead of peeing,
I ran up to every urinal in use, pointing at the penis of the person using the urinal while yelling, 'Look Dad, a penis!'

My Dad laughed and rolled his eyes, as this was pretty common for me.

Lucky for me, I have outstanding parents and was never really in the closet. Whether it was putting on my mom's favorite yellow dress (and dancing to Linda Ronstadt's Spanish language album).

Or the time for my senior class career day presentation, when I said that my chosen career was 'escort' - my family always had my back!

I was, however, bullied pretty badly in school, especially in junior high.

Anyone can make it out, though. Today I hold down a successful PR job in NYC, live in a recording studio, and I'm in a couple of awesome bands.

Joshua's first, famous-person same sex crush:
The Count (on "Sesame Street")

I still get butterflies!
But next in line would be Eddie Murphy and Michael Hutchence of INXS.

Sesame Street: Count It Higher Eddie Murphy The final days of Michael Hutchence 


Jonathan A. said...

this was absolutely brilliant!!!
"'Look Dad, a penis!'" actually made my day.

If you're reading this Joshua, may I say that picking "escort" as your chosen career was probably the best option ever. :D

Randuwa said...

You're fabulous! And it's obvious.