January 13, 2011


Jeremy, age 9
Coos Bay, OR (1989)

This picture of my brothers and I (I am the one on the far right, with the short shorts, and the mismatched Punky Brewster-esque socks) was taken in front on my father's store.

"Hey wait, I thought gays were supposed to have a fashion sense!"
While the matching McKids sweaters is super regrettable (Mom, what were you thinking?!) - I remember loving my short shorts.

Look at me, striking a pose!

This picture was taken right around the time I probably started having a primitive, pre-pubescent concept of myself as a homosexual. In hindsight, earlier clues were there: my collection of My Little Pony dolls I made my mother buy me, my Strawberry Shortcake obsession, and perhaps (on an earlier, Freudian level) my fond memories of the opening credits of "CHiPs".

But around 5th grade is when I first remember having crushes on boys at school. And I knew that boys were 'supposed to' have crushes on girls, so this was very confusing. But it was what it was.

Girls had cooties anyway.

Jeremy's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher on "Star Trek: TNG")


Amber said...

Hey I lived in Coos Bay around this time!! I went to Blossom Gulch! haha Anyway, enjoyed the pic! :)

RfromRMC said...

Wesley Crusher was my first crush too!
Well, him and Commander Riker....kinda wanted them both! (Guess I was born both gay AND polyamorous!) ;-)

BlueDuck said...

Hey Amber... it's Jeremy. Yep, I went to Blossom Gulch too! Maybe we were classmates. Weird.

This picture was taken at the Pony Village Mall, in front of my dad's candy store. That mall also had an Orange Julius, which I miss like whoa.

Jeff W. said...

Coos Bay in da house! But Milner Crest here, the grade school so good it had to close.

Love the pic, love seeing my hometown!

Anonymous said...

Hey other me, XD lol ;)

Adorable pic and you have really good taste with Wil Wheaton, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, other me, one more thing. Would you be offended if I thought you looked really freakin cute in this ensemble and that you have a really cute face, too?

BlueDuck said...

Seeing as how I was 9 when this taken... yes. Well, not so much offended as disturbed.

dys·func·tion said...

"Girls have cooties anyways."

Fantastic ending! Loved it. :D