January 13, 2011


Michele, age 10
Bakersfield, CA (1985)

I was about 10 when this picture was taken in my front yard in Bakersfield.


My father had a motorcyle and would take me and my brothers on rides.
No amount of pink in this picture can un-butch this hairstyle or outfit. I was always a bit of a tomboy, and wished I could be cool, like Fonzie. I thought it would be nice to have a bunch of girls hang all over you.

I always was afraid I was gay, but wasn't convinced of it until I was 18. Looking back, I have had crushes on girls as far back as I can remember.

Michele's first, famous-person same sex crushes:
Amanda Peterson & Dolly Parton
Amanda was the foxy chick who wore the white, leather-fringed jacket in the movie "Cant Buy Me Love". And Dolly always seemed like she would be soooo nice - and smell good!


Anonymous said...

Love your swagger Michele. Thanks for sharing this pic and a piece of your story! :)

Brighid's House O' Masks said...

Fav girl's pic so far. Love the pink and love your pose on the bike!

Bonnie said...

Oh man, the motorcycle and all the pink brings to mind my own childhood crush on Roz Kelly as Pinky Tuscadero in "Happy Days"! Not to mention her sister, Leather Tuscadero, played by Suzi Quattro... *sigh*

Kathryn Thomas said...

I assume you already know my favourite Dolly quote, "You'd be amazed how much it costs to look this cheap." She's so great!