January 13, 2011


Lisa, age 2
Los Angeles, California (1969)

I don't have many memories of this time, but I know that I really liked wearing my dad's clothes. Apparently, I did that a lot.

"Wearing dad's shoes"

I knew I was gay, probably around 12 or 13.
But I didn't actually come out till my late 20's.

Looking at it now, I think it's a funny pic. I'm not really butch, never have been. I'm more androgynous, and I think that comes through in the pic.

Lisa's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Kristy McNichol

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are my queer friend.

Anonymous said...

you don't have to be gay to have a same sex crush on Kristy McNichol! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one, especially Kristy McNichol. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, lordy. I forgot about my Kristy McNichol crush!!

E.l.M. said...

THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR SUPERB PIC. Cute as can be 'either way'.
I am I gay man and if any woman could have "turned me" it would have been Kristy McNichol - and she turns out to "be" - guess I didn't have a prayer to be anything I wasn't meant to be.

Bonnie said...

Oh, Lisa, you are a dream! Cutie. (Hey, and your dad had nice taste in shoes...)