March 31, 2011


Eva, age 3
Los Angeles, CA (1986)

I remember my Dad took this picture in the home I grew up in. I was always a tomboy, and loved baseball caps. Although now, I prefer them on other females.

I first realized I was a lesbian when I started checking out girls, at the time when all of my friends were checking out the boys. Coming out as a lesbian was as difficult for me, as it is for any gay kid.

But the fact that I am physically disabled and non-verbal made it a bit harder. I use a letter board to spell out my thoughts.

So imagine the stress of slowly coming out, letter by letter. On top of that, I didn't have any gay disabled role models to look up to, and I felt very alone.

Fortunately, when I did come out, my family and friends were totally cool.
I'm pretty sure they all had figured it out by then anyway.

Now as an adult, I embrace my queerness and consider it just one more aspect that makes me unique. Being a gay teen can be very hard, but please remember:

There's a whole community that is ready to help you, and embrace you.
It just may not seem that way right now.

I did find other LGBTQ people within the disabled community, and I'm now able to share my stories, frustrations, and joy.

Eva's first, famous-person same sex crush:
Melissa Joan Hart (in "Clarissa Explains It All")
Growing up as a Nickelodeon kid, I particularly loved her spunk.
Clarissa Explains It All - Season One Queer Crips: Disabled Gay Men and Their Stories (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies) Pushing the Limits: Disabled Dykes Produce Culture Queer Quotes: On Coming Out and Culture, Love and Lust, Politics and Pride, and Much More


thwany said...

such an inspiring story, thank you for sharing.

Sophia R.J said...

Good for you lady! :) XO

Anonymous said...

you story is super inspiring! thanks for sharing