January 10, 2011


Ghy, age 3
East Los Angeles, CA (1974)

My parents held off on a name when I was born. I had long, curly blond hair, and would run around like all boys did. People would say, 'You should take care of your little girl. She is gonna get hurt.'  And my family's reply always was:
'Oh that's not a little girl, that's a little guy.' And that's how I got my name, Ghy

"My family didn't mind my early predilection for drag.
They said I had an Evil Twin Sister. Took me years to realize they meant ... me!"

I was forever getting my mom's wigs and putting them on. When I would cry they would put the wig on so I would shut up. My Grandfather has the look of surprise and the wonderful 'Oh, dear Lord' look.

But he also would place wigs on me when I would cry.

I felt pretty, just like my Mom and Aunts. I was always like this, everyone said. And I was never afraid of the girl side. Heck, my parents were proud when I got the job with Miss Kitty's Concessions, selling cigs & candies at clubs in drag.

I had 3 favorite wigs from my mom, and I wish I still had those wigs now.
And why wasn't there a red wig for me?

Ghy's first, famous-person same sex crushes:
Oliver Reed, Richard Dawson, and Grizzly Adams

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Jennifer Jonassen said...

I love this picture! So joyful!

thatwastheact said...

Love your story.
Wish we all had the balls to simply cry when people wouldn't let us be US.

Kito said...

Omg, I've never seen a cuter baby! Very pretty, indeed!

Anonymous said...

You should all see what I look like now, Plus, all the teen drag I did

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Anonymous said...

Love this story, Ghy! - Snarks

Unknown said...

You're great, Muffin.